Advantages of cable tray

A series of rules and principles are defined for using the cable tray. That is, we cannot use these trays in the structure without expert evaluation and checks. First of all, you should measure the number of cables and their dimensions. If the number of cables to be routed in a certain direction is high and their diameter is also in an average value. You must use a standard cable tray.

But if the number of cables is limited or single, you may need to use an electric pipe. On the other hand, if the size of the cables is very large or thick, the cable trays may not be able to withstand this high weight load. In such a situation, the cable ladder is the ideal choice.

Due to their design, these ladders can route and guide much thicker and heavier cables. So, as you can see, to choose the trays, despite considering the benefits of the cable tray, we must also check the number and amount of cables. These works will usually be done by technicians and executive specialists.

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